Become Board Member

LeidenMUN is currently looking for three new board members to join our board for 2019. We have two vacancies for the position of Delegate Trainer and one vacancy for the position of Promotions and Acquisitions Officer. Please, see the job descriptions down below and send us your expression of interest (400 words) to by January 17th, 23.59.

Delegate trainer
As Delegate Trainer you hold a very dynamic position. You are the face the delegates see every week, teaching them the skills they need to succeed at the conference, but also take part in the organisational aspect of the Foundation, in administrative work, helping to set up MiniMUN events, planning preparation tracks, and making sure the Foundation is well-represented at conferences. What is expected of you as a Delegate Trainer is to possess a good level of all the qualities that make a good delegate, but also the ability to structure and convey your knowledge in an interactive, insightful manner. You will design the preparation tracks for each of the conferences you go to in the upcoming year, hold regular PDP sessions with your delegates, tailor individual exercises to them and keep track of their progress. You will work with two other Delegate Trainers, so you will be coordinating and dividing tasks to best fit the needs of your delegation among yourselves. You will also have the pleasure of really getting to know of dozens of delegates over the course of the year, since as a Delegate Trainer you form the most direct connection between the foundation and its delegates.

Treasurer & activities officer

As the Promo & Acquisitions Officer of the Foundation you are responsible for the external outreach of the organization, both online and offline. Apart from designing the Foundation's promotion strategy, the Promo and Acquisition Officer is responsible for maintaining and building external relationships. Last year, LeidenMUN added several elements to its programme such as the ‘External Training Sessions’ and the ‘IR Scholar Sessions’. Therefore, we are looking for a candidate who takes initiative and who does not hesitate to approach high ranking public officials, private firms or politicians to establish relationships and organinize events for our delegates. This position allows you to work with a lot of freedom and gives you the opportunity to work creatively. You can turn your ideas into reality! Apply now for the position of Promotions and Acquisitions officer! 

General Info

Both position will help you gain a lot of knowledge about yourself; how you work in a team, who you are as a figure of authority and source of knowledge to the delegation, and what your strong and weak points are as a delegate yourself. You can expect to spend about 15-20 hours on average per week fulfilling these positions, excluding the time you spend abroad at the conferences. All in all, it is a wonderful opportunity to convey your knowledge and skills, but also to learn more about yourself, your fellow board members and the people that join LeidenMUN as delegates.