Cambridge University International Model United Nations

Cambridge University International Model United Nations (CUIMUN) will be the first destination of the 2018/2019 academic year. This is the first time we will attend the conference, so we are eager to make a memorable first impression. Join us to experience a MUN conference at this leading academic institution, known for its outstanding intellectual achievements. Kick-start your academic year by applying for our delegation to one of the most excellent universities in the world.

In order to apply for our CUIMUN delegation, no MUN experience is required. As CUIMUN 2018 hosts 13 different committees, ranging from beginner to expert levels, CUIMUN is ideal for both first-timers as well as experienced delegates. We are looking for motivated students who are interested in international relations and who wish to improve their public speaking, negotiation and lobbying skills. The LeidenMUN programme is built upon three pillars. The first pillar being the Skills Labs, where we train delegates on skills such as public speaking, negotiation tactics, and resolution writing. The second pillar is the mock sessions we provide. Every Wednesday evening you will represent a United Nations Member State and debate with your fellow delegates on a given UN issue. The third pillar is the Personal Development Programme (PDP). We offer a tailored Personal Development Programme that consists of one-to-one coaching sessions by experienced and skilled LeidenMUN board members. As a result, we can guide beginners, as well as advanced delegates, on an individual level to maximize their potential. The focus is on your development as a young professional, thus, it goes beyond MUN related skills.

CUIMUN was founded by a group of Cantabrigians eager to develop and share the knowledge and abilities associated with the fine art of diplomacy. The First Session was held in 1994, and the Conference was expanded significantly following Cambridge’s hugely successful hosting of the 1998 edition of Harvard WorldMUN. Now in its twenty-fourth year, CUIMUN is one of the most established, historic and prestigious Conferences on the European, and indeed global, MUN circuit. The Secretariat for the Twenty-Fourth Session looks forward to raising the bar even higher in November 2018.

Applications are now closed. Follow LeidenMUN on Facebook and Instagram to know when the next delegation will be chosen.