EuroMUN is the largest and most prestigious MUN conference in Continental Europe. 500 delegates, 380 days of planning, 40 Junior staffers, 30+ nationalities, 11 years of experience, 8 secretariat members, 4 days, all this within a conference of academic excellence: EuroMUN 2019. What makes EuroMUN special are its high-quality debates, 13+ interesting simulated committees and an unforgettable cultural and social experience. Over the past decade, EuroMUN has developed to be one of the most international and successful conferences in Europe. Each year, more than 500 delegates, lead by 50 chairs, visit the heart of Europe, Maastricht, spend 5 days with like-minded young adults and look for the most suitable and adequate solutions to pressing issues.

The conference aims at creating an atmosphere in which young students have the possibility to engage in debates and simulate committees, such as the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, the United Nations Security Council and NATO; in addition to the European Parliament, the European council, the Consilium and the Commission, along with many other regional bodies. It is based in Europe, but focused on a global scale.

In addition, we will be taking our delegates to MUNOTH 2019, where this year’s conference will be discussing topics related to ‘Building International Peace and Justice: Humanitarian aid and intervention’. As The Hague is the official City of Peace and Justice, delegates are offered the unique opportunity to experience the city as would a diplomat or official member of the United Nations. This conference also offers the annual Diplomat Soirée where diplomats from The Hague and surrounding areas attend and interact with the delegates in attendance and give them the chance to hear from those working in fields that they are potentially interested in pursuing them selves.

Applications are now closed. Follow LeidenMUN on Facebook and Instagram to know when the next delegation will be chosen.