1st Pillar: Skills Lab

What sets LeidenMUN apart from other Dutch MUN societies are the Skills Labs we provide for all the delegates who will be attending conferences with us. We have seen that the skills we teach delegates in the preparation track are exactly the ones they need to feel confident and perform well in any committee.

The skills are taught by experienced trainers who have seen the ways in which different MUN committees operate and know how these abilities will help any delegate with their performance. LeidenMUN teaches their Skills Labs in the four most important competences for any conference:

1. Public speaking: by being proactive in a familiar environment, delegates will be taught how to catch the attention of their co-delegates and find the confidence to speak loudly and eloquently.

2. Lobbying: lobbying is a large part of every conference. The Skills Labs on lobbying will teach delegates how best to approach their fellow delegates, how and where to find common ground and to find the most effective ways to work together with other delegates.

3. Research: adequate research will give delegates an advantage with their arguments and confidence in proposals that they come up with in a resolution. The trainers who give these Skills Labs know exactly what kind of information delegates need in committee sessions and can share tips and tricks of this tricky process in order to make it easy and efficient.

4. Resolution writing: the outcome of a debate needs to be an innovative document that rallies the support of the majority of the committee. In the skills labs delegates will be taught what sort of solutions are appropriate and use their creativity in coming up with ideas. Furthermore delegates will learn and practice with the proper format and by the end will possess the skills to draw up a document quickly.