We start where the university stops.

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The LeidenMUN Programme


Skills Lab

The Skills Labs are taught by experienced trainers who, themselves, have experienced different MUN conferences, and from first hand experience know how these skills can help any delegate with their performance. LeidenMUN teaches Skills Labs in the four most important competences for any conference: lobbying, public speaking, resolution writing, and research.

Mock sessions

During the weekly mock sessions our delegates debate current topics in international affairs, while representing a United Nations Member State. The goal of the mock sessions are: master your public speaking skills, persuade other delegates through intensive lobbying, and come up with creative, inventive and realistic solutions to the problems at hand. 

Personal Development Programme

The Personal Development Programme (PDP) is unique to the LeidenMUN preparatory track. Throughout the prep track you will be coached individually by an experienced and skilled board member. This programme will contribute to your personal growth as an MUN participant, and as a young professional




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Oxford: September-October

Oxford International Model United Nations (OxIMUN) will be the first destination of the 2019/2020 academic year of LeidenMUN. This is the 17th edition of this prestigious conference, which offers committees for everyone, from beginner to experienced delegates. Join us to experience a MUN conference at this leading academic institution, known for its outstanding intellectual achievements. Kick-start your academic year by applying for our delegation to one of the most excellent universities in the world.

The applications for 2019 are closed, check back later for our next delegation!




Harvard: November - February

The Harvard MUN conference (HNMUN) is the most competitive conference LeidenMUN attends. HNMUN is nearly as old as the United Nations itself and is often times considered to be the founder of the Model United Nations concept. It is with great excitement that LeidenMUN will, in its 14th consecutive year, fly overseas to attend this highly competitive and intense conference in February 2020.

HNMUN is known for its size and intensity level of debate. Around 3500 students, from all over the world, attend this conference. This results in committee sessions for up to 400 participants. Such large sized committees require in-depth debating, often times requiring a creative and strategic approach. That is why we expect dedication and motivation from our delegates.

Applications are now open, click the link below for more information.






EuroMUN Maastricht: March - May

What makes EuroMUN special is its high-quality debates, interesting simulated committees and an unforgettable cultural and social experience. Over the past decade, EuroMUN has developed to become one of the most international and successful conferences in Europe. Each year, hundreds of delegates, led by 50 chairs, visit the heart of Europe, Maastricht, spend 5 days with like-minded young adults and look for the most suitable and adequate solutions to pressing issues. This year we will be taking our delegates to MUNOTH, The Hague-based international MUN conference focusing on bringing a practical-based approach to international relations as part of the same preparation track to further develop their skills. This will help our delegates experience more than one conference.

Applications for 2019 are closed, check back later for the next delegation!