3rd Pillar: Personal Development Programme (PDP)

At LeidenMUN, personal development is key. Therefore, LeidenMUN offers a unique ‘Personal Development Programme’ (PDP), that no other organization in the Netherlands offers. Throughout the preparatory track you will be coached individually by an experienced and skilled board member. This program will contribute to your personal growth as an MUN participant, and, more importantly, as a young professional. While the PDP sessions also focus on enhancing your MUN-skills, the main goal of the PDP sessions is to guide our students through an individual learning process. In the past, LeidenMUN has successfully mentored hundreds of students in their personal development. Together, we strive to transform our delegates into a confident, pro-active, and entrepreneurial individual.

As LeidenMUN is an association for motivated and ambitious students, we provide our students with the right tools to reach their full potential. In about eight weeks, we will teach you how to become an individual who is confident about his/her own abilities, who recognizes and seizes opportunities, and who takes initiative to pursue his/her goals. Nevertheless, as we attract ambitious and motivated students, most of our students experience the burdens of full agendas, a vibrant social life, and perfectionism. Therefore, our experienced board members will give you life lessons in goal prioritization, time management and stress prevention. Hence, at LeidenMUN personal development is the goal and the MUN conferences provides the means to achieve that goal.

During the PDP sessions, our experienced board members will coach you on the following topics that will help you in your professional development:

Time Management:

Being able to deal with a busy schedule is something that individuals will benefit from while going through our prep track, as well as any other aspect of professional- and personal life. At Leiden MUN, the students that enter our program are always highly motivated and ambitious. It is for this reason, that our students enter prep tracks with busy schedules and lots to do on days that only have 24 hours. With such busy schedules, knowing how to manage your time efficiently is what determines whether you become successful in achieving your goals or not. In order for our students to become successful, the aspect of time management is one of our main pillars that we tackle in the Personal Development Program.

Setting Goals:

To pursue personal development, it is of great importance to know where one wants to be headed in the future. In order to develop, you need to be working towards certain points in life, otherwise you have no clear direction and nothing to work towards. At LeidenMUN, we listen to our students’ aspirations and we identify the obstacles regarding the achievement of such aspirations. Together, we take our students and guide them towards progress by setting long-term goals, based on their ambitions. However, these long term goals are not enough. One doesn’t train for a marathon by running marathons - the same applies for other big goals. In order to work towards a big goal, you need to set smaller goals along the way. Therefore, we make sure to plan our road towards these larger goals accordingly, by establishing smaller short-term goals. Installing this framework of thinking allows for our students to analyze where they are at this point in life, and what they need to do to get where they want to be.


In order to set goals in order to reach where we want to be, we need to know where we want to end up. Figuring out where you want to be has to do with setting the right priorities for you. Every single one of us takes on many roles in a lifetime. These roles differ, and vary per person. Certain roles we all take on at some point in life are the role of a neighbor or a student. We can aspire to be good at everything we do, however, at LeidenMUN, we believe that it benefits you and everyone around you if you choose to focus your time and energy on being exceptionally good at 5 roles in life. We believe that it is better to be better at 5 aspects of your life, than being decent at 10. Therefore, we help our students find these 5 things that they find important and set long-term and short-term goals accordingly.

Decision making:

Decision making is a large and important part of everyone’s life. Through out our career and in one’s personal life we are all presented opportunities that we are uncertain about. You try to weigh to pros and cons in order to make the right decision. However, some decisions are harder to make than others - and we find ourselves over thinking. Over thinking decisions can lead to decision making fatigue in the long run, which is something that negatively affects other aspects of your life. At LeidenMUN we teach our students ways to weigh opportunities and make decisions, which benefits them for the rest of their life. We teach the GWC principle. We teach our students to approach these situations, by asking themselves do they Get it; do they understand what the opportunity means, what is being asked from them and the impact that it will have on their personal life. Do they Want it; this one allows the individual to determine whether this is in line with his or her aspiration. The last one, which is of great importance, do they have the Capacity to do it; this is where one asks his- or herself if they have the time, mental ability and emotional stability to take on the opportunity. Using these principles as guidance allows for students to weigh and make decision in a structured way, that gives them the opportunity to stay true to themself, their priorities, and their goals.