Harvard National Model United Nations

The Harvard MUN conference (HNMUN) is the most competitive conference LeidenMUN attends. HNMUN is nearly as old as the United Nations itself and is often times considered to be the founder of the Model United Nations concept. It is with great excitement that LeidenMUN will, in its 13th consecutive year, fly overseas to attend this highly competitive and intense conference in February 2019.

HNMUN is known for its size and intensity level of debate. Around 3500 students, from all over the world, attend this conference. This results in committee sessions for up to 400 participants. Such large sized committees require in-depth debating, often times requiring a creative and strategic approach. That is why we expect dedication and motivation from our delegates.

During the 9 weeks leading up to the conference, our delegates will take part in our preparation track. This track is built upon three pillars. The first pillar being the Skills Labs, where we train delegates on skills such as public speaking, negotiation tactics, and resolution writing. The second feature is the mock sessions we provide. Every Wednesday evening you will represent a United Nations Member State and debate with your teammates on a given UN issue. The third feature is the Personal Development Programme (PDP). Each delegate will be coached individually by an experienced and skilled board member. The focus is on your development as a young professional, so it goes beyond MUN related skills.

The programme we provide is of high quality and will demand perseverance. This doesn’t mean that you need an MUN background in order to apply. We are looking for students that have the motivation and interest to engage in international relations and affairs. We will provide you with the tools you need to succeed at an MUN conference. 

Being a part of our Harvard delegation includes more than our preparation track and trip to the conference. We will visit an embassy in The Hague, where you can engage with diplomats on the topics you will discuss in Harvard. We will also visit New York for two days prior to the start of the conference. During our time in NYC we will visit the UN headquarters and a permanent mission to the UN. You will also have time to bond with your delegation and explore both NYC and Boston.

Our innovated Harvard track

We are proud to announce that LeidenMUN has innovated the Harvard track. With excitement we have added new elements to the Harvard preparatory track:


Both in the Netherlands as well as in The United States, our Harvard delegates will have guest lectures and meetings with leading International Relations scholars. Amongst the scholars that have agreed to meet with us are:

  • Professor Jagdish Bhagwati (Economist at Columbia University, New York and former Special Advisor to the GATT, WTO and UN);

  • Professor Michael Doyle (Professor of International Affairs, Law and Political Science at Columbia University, New York and former Chair of the United Nations Democracy Fund);

  • Professor Franz Baumann (Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and visiting Professor at NYU);

  • Professor Niels van Willigen (Associate Professor at Leiden University and Senior Analyst in the Peace & Security Section of the Global Governance Institute).


For the 2018/2019 Harvard delegation, LeidenMUN is currently organizing networking events and external training sessions at public organizations, diplomatic missions and private companies. The first organization who invited us for an external training session is ‘Hague Corporate Affairs’, a young and rapidly growing lobbying firm. More events will follow!

Applications are now closed. Follow LeidenMUN on Facebook and Instagram to know when the next delegation will be chosen.