2nd Pillar: Mock sessions

As the saying goes “practice makes perfect”, and indeed it does! Every week our delegates dedicate 3 hours to putting their newfound skills to the test through participating in mock MUN simulations. While 3 hours may seem like a substantial amount of time, it often isn’t enough time to debate a topic in depth, while diplomatically negotiating and writing resolutions for the conflict at hand. We therefore oftentimes dedicate 2 mock sessions to debating one topic, thus resulting in 6 hours of debate. In addition, delegates get time between both sessions to work outside MUN hours to lobby one another and write the resolution in more detail. 

The LeidenMUN delegate trainers will pick a study guide from a previous MUN conference, usually the same conference that the current delegation is preparing for, and assign each delegate a United Nations Member State they will represent for the subsequent two mock sessions. It will be the delegate’s responsibility to prepare and do a substantial amount of research before each mock session. The mock sessions will be chaired by two board members, however, we may occasionally ask an alumnus to guest chair a mock session, so that the delegates get familiar with differing chairing styles. 

Mock sessions are the best way to practice the four pillars of the LeidenMUN program. During the 6 hours of practice, you will have the opportunity to practice your public speaking, lobbying, negotiation and researching skills. There is no better way to become the best delegate you can than to be practicing consistently before the conference which, the mock sessions provide for.