Lena Zehne

Before I went to Leiden University, I never joined a MUN Delegation before. Nonetheless, I knew what MUN was and that it would be the right thing for me. So, of course, I was sure that I would apply for Leiden MUN. When I got accepted for an interview with the Leiden MUN Board, I was nervous. I remember that I was going over my notes again, as Justin, the former president of Leiden MUN, asked me to enter the room where the interview should take place. At this moment I met part of the board for the first time. It was very clear to me that this board has the authority about their delegation and this thought should be confirmed in the following weeks of the prep-track for CUIMUN.

With this vibe, an overly excited first year like myself would completely forget the line between the importance of studying for University and the new work of extracurricular activities like MUN. After the instructions of the board, one would take it seriously. Yet, I still underestimated the additional workload and pressure, which would follow during the following eight weeks. But only because of all the work I put into this prep-track, I learned so many skills. Skills like lobbying, public speaking, resolution-writing and how to interact as a delegation. The lastly mentioned skill should become the most important one, not only during CUIMUN.

Because of that, I got to know so many good friends today. Joining a Leiden MUN prep-track is challenging, but you get so much out it. All the skills are not just useful during MUN conferences, but also in daily life. Of course, you have to put in lots of work for a project that turns out to be fun, educating and new every time. Concluding, I could say that if you are interested, you definitely have to be aware of additional work, but also that you learn something for the rest of your life. If you are aware of that when you apply for the next Leiden MUN prep-track, then you will have a great time!


Tordar Tømmervik

Leiden MUN for me was exactly what I needed, at the exact right time. Doing a political science degree, I think it's important to stay proactive and develop your communication skills outside of university. Joining Leiden MUN provided an opportunity to do just that. You receive personalized guidance from experienced trainers who will guide you through the entire prep track, making sure you become a well-rounded, skilled and diplomatic speaker. It's an emotional journey, filled with many great challenges, that will end up in a climactic finish, where you get to test yourself and everything you have learned the past months.

By going through the Leiden MUN you can expect to increase your self-confidence, speaking skills, lobbying skills, at the same time as you will gain friends for life!


vincent jahn

I asked myself during many challenging moments why I was participating in the prep-track, and I witnessed my answer transform with time. In the beginning my motivation was that this experience contributes to my personal and academic development and it would look great on my CV. However, with time, my motivation shifted towards me feeling a sense of belonging to Leiden MUN. I am doing this because I want to be a part of all the amazing individuals which makes Leiden MUN a fantastic collective experience.

Of course, LeidenMUN provides an extraordinary opportunity for acquiring useful skills, but essentially, it is its own small family, which nurtures individual development through providing the most constructive and friendly environment I can imagine.


vincent Rump

I am not entirely sure why I applied to LeidenMUN. I have spent the last year and a half getting involved with several things that I found worthwhile, thought-provoking and offering a chance to grow personally. When I came across Leiden MUN's call to apply for its Harvard delegation of 2019, I was intrigued. I have had no MUN experience at all, and I was not very confident that I would be fitting in to form a part of the delegation - but I was wrong.

I am not going to pull any wool over your eyes, the prep track is not the most pleasant experience you'll ever have. It'll be demanding, confusing, exhausting, a pain in the ass and it'll make you doubt your ability to fit in, once again. You will have to remind yourself more than once that you are in there because you want to be, and sometimes you will just have to shut the up and suck it up.

Your reward will be a greater you, a thrilling time at the best MUN conferences of them all, and a bunch of friends who will stab your back in mock sessions but save it twice as often during the conference.


Taima brown

I heard of the MUN concept multiple times before I joined it myself the first time. At the Universiteit Leiden, I finally decided to take the necessary step and have a closer look into Leiden MUN.

You will learn a lot about public speaking from hand gestures to speaking patterns. Also, you will be confronted with papers of the actual UN for the first time. I consider that especially important for every student coming from a more political study. You will learn to focus on the key topics of the papers quickly.  

A personal mentor will help you during your preparation and will also take care of you at the conference. At the conference you will meet many different people and you will all compete and cooperate to achieve your set goals. Of course you will also make great new friends!

Join LeidenMUN for learning the skills to be a top-class speaker and for a new experience!