The LeidenMUN Programme


Skills lab

The skills are taught by experienced trainers who have seen the ways in which different MUN committees operate and know exactly how these abilities will help any delegate with their performance. LeidenMUN teaches skills labs in the four most important competences for any conference: lobbying, public speaking, resolution writing, and research

Mock sessions

During the weekly mock sessions our delegates debate about current topics in international relations as a representative of a United Nations member state. The goal of the mock sessions: master your public speaking skills, persuade other delegates by intensive lobbying and invent creative and realistic solutions to the problems at hand. 

Personal Development Programme

The Personal Development Programme (PDP) is unique for the LeidenMUN preparatory track. Throughout the prep track you will be coached individually by an experienced and skilled board member. Consequently, you will have the opportunity to flourish during the conferences because of personal coaching.